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WMO Expert Training

The WMO Expert Training

is a newly developed course on the interdisciplinary topic of Mindful Mediation & Conflict Management in the English language. Our distance training provides the flexibility and accessibility for students to study at their own pace. It considers international research results regarding the sustainable benefits of teaching Comprehensive Mediation. Our training program places the focus on understanding conflicts, the various dispute resolution options and the attitude of the human individual. Its pedagogic setting includes self-reflection, thematic input, and putting the content to practice.

We tried to minimize the fee as much as possible in order to include everyone and to exclude none. Therefore, students are asked to obtain a student’s membership for 75,- Euro and the training manual for 25,00 Euro. Due to this procedure, students have up to a year to finalize the program. WMO does not only want to talk about a change but truly intends to be the change. We believe that every person should be able to further develop mindful mediation and conflict management skills and to have a positive and transforming impact on the direct environment. So the best is, that each student benefits from a personal tutor who supervises the progress and gives individual feedback on assignments.

Program Advisor, Professor William Zartman, on our activities:

“I am quite impressed with the ambition and organization of the World Mediation Organization as it seeks to bring together the diverse experiences of mediators – often grassroots mediators – throughout the world and to learn from them. We all need to expand and improve our awareness and practice of mediation.“

Prof. William Zartman, PhD

Program Advisor

Introduction: This cross-border and cross-cultural training does not intend to impose a western style of Mindful Mediation on another culture. The content of this training emulsifies with the cultural background and language of the student and allows him or her to become a unique professional. In this way, I am able to offer you the only worldwide achievable training that truly respects and works with global diversity.  If you feel that all this is true and highly valuable, than you may understand that to become a successful and effective mediator requires you to explore Mindful Mediation’s inner logic. A certain level of self-awareness and awareness regarding the environment you are living in or you are getting in touch with professionally ought be created.

Personal Statement: I believe that each of us should open her- / himself in order learn a very important lesson, namely that Mindful Mediation is also a process of healing others and of healing the society. We should try to raise the awareness of this potential skill that lies within each of us.I do not want you to study thousands of pages and endless concepts and models to be kept in mind. I want you to properly understand what the core of Mindful Mediation is, and to be able to truly work with the few topics that I will introduce to you. It will be more about self-reflection instead of enlarging the quantity of topics to be studied. The clue is the proper personal understanding of what mediation may be on a very individual basis and how it can be developed while including all the diversity that life offers. This is the true secret of my mediation, what I later on called, Mindful Mediation. This training concept grants all necessary space for you to create your own conceptual understanding of mediation. What means that ‘my mediation’ turns into ‘your mediation’ without injecting any sort of dogma to your mind. Therefore, this course will introduce you to self-reflection, deep listening, critical thinking, and wise speaking. Personally, I wish that this content will serve you and your environment at its best.

Structure and Content: The curriculum combines innovative perspectives on the acquisition and the application of knowledge. The innovative online format prepares candidates for the national and international job market. Candidates will be invited to participate in our growing network of students, alumni, and experts to exchange opinions and information on global issues beyond the scope of the three to six months study program. The outstanding benefit of our programme is the fact that our students do not only study the basics, but also get a deep knowledge of alternative dispute resolution in general. Hereby we enable our students to act as successful future professionals. Due to the preamble on Peace Education, our students become conflict consultants and trainers for conflict resolution at the same time. Topics that this training deals with: Mindfulness in Mediation, Applied Mindful Mediation, Analyzing and detecting Conflict, Interpersonal Crisis Communication, Critical Thinking – From Theory to Practice. In order to get in touch with your personal tutor, please feel free to make use of the email account stated in the introduction of the training manual.

The learning process that you are about to experience, is pretty much self-explaining, that means, that each syllabus is structured into three parts, namely into: Section A – a self-reflection, Section B – the main content of the chapter, and Section C – an article that needs to be created.

Basically, the program leads you from one section to the next one. Therefore, you simply have to follow the instructions scheduled in the content and to remember to proper goal that you set yourself, namely the development and further improvement of your personal and professional skills.

Whenever you are asked to realize a written task, the system will lead you to a matching form, where you can write down your thoughts, save them for your records, and receive your tutor’s feedback. 

The course provides an essential overview of topics and issues related to Mindful Mediation and Conflict Management, notably:

– Mindfulness in Mediation,
– Applied Mindful Mediation,
– Analyzing and detecting Conflict,
– Interpersonal Crisis -Communication,
– Critical Thinking – From Theory to Practice.

Thereby, we equip you with the necessary quantity of key skills and insights to truly work in the field. You will be able to understand, remember, and to use the skills in due form. Additionally, you will understand that the delivered content is the starting point to finally discover and create your unique version of the topic.

Teaching Objectives and Learning Outcome

During this course, you will learn:

To understand the root causes of conflict,
To understand mindful conflict management strategies,
To understand how to create a meaningful conflict report,
To understand how to unveil information hidden behind human behavior,
To understand and to realize crisis communication in a sensitive context.

The Nature of This Training

The training is highly interactive and basically, your progress depends on your participation. This course will teach a few topics only, but all of these will be deeply reflected and put into practice within the class. The conceptual idea is, that you most likely guard all this information already in your unconsciousness. Together we will re-discover your personality and identify your diversity. The majority of your answers will be found within yourself and you will discover and practice your proper concept of mediation. Feel free to contact your tutor at any time.

Required Written Assignments:

This course requires a broad range of assignments. Such can be of a theoretical or practical nature. For example creating personal reflections, analyzing content-related issues, and setting up research articles. These documents must comply with general academic writing guidelines.

Possible Accreditation and Recognition:

WMO Graduates who wish to realize their Master‘s and / or Doctorate’s Degree at EUCLID University get this program evaluated with an equivalency of 10 ECTS. Additionally, WMO Graduates may apply for a WMO / EUCLID Post Graduate Certificate in Mediation and Conflict Management.


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Manual for the Certificate Program

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  • Interpersonal Crisis Communication
  • Understanding and Analyzing Conflict
  • Critical Thinking – From Theory to Practice