MINDFUL MEDIATION – The shapeless art

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  • Publication Date            Nov 12, 2021
  • Language                         English
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  • Contributors                   By (author): Daniel Erdmann


This cross-border and cross-cultural manual and training script does not intend to impose a western style of MINDFUL MEDIATION on another culture. The content of this workbook emulsifies with the cultural background and language of the student and allows him or her to become a unique professional. In this way, this training offers the only worldwide achievable content that truly respects and works with global diversity. If all this sounds true to the potential student and reader, then it seems to be thrilling to become a successful and effective mediator exploring the inner logic of MINDFUL MEDIATION. The curriculum combines innovative perspectives on the acquisition and the application of knowledge. The outstanding benefit of this program is the fact that the content was minimized to a very practicable and crucial knowledge of high impact. Hereby, all knowledge can be easily remembered and put into practice right away.

Ira William Zartman (Jacob Blaustein Distinguished Professor Emeritus of International Organization and Conflict Resolution, SAIS – The Johns Hopkins University) on this book:

‘From the Mindful Master to the Shapeless Art. Is a long journey of small steps that can be undertaken with pleasure and profit. Daniel Erdmann has gathered much wisdom and insight for a guidebook on a mediation practice that opens important horizons. It begins with a self-examination of the mediator, ahead of many similar works that start immediately with the mediation process. But that is the second section, where the mediator is presented in three dimensions. We are now ready for the conflict and then for its most acute form, the crisis. Both context and target for the mediation, the dispute that calls for management and resolution, is the ultimate challenge for the mediator, since it involves getting the parties to do what they are not able – and usually willing – to do by themselves. It is for that reason that mediation is a high but dangerous calling, like all mountainous aspirations, and this book will help the climb.’


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