Is there a realistic chance for Yemen to come to peace?

The worst humanitarian crisis – that is saying something in a world with all sorts of problems. Yemen didn’t have it easy in the last decades and it has gotten worse since 2015 when the government changed violently. Several agreements, UN sanctions and dialogues happened during the last 5 years. Steps forward, step backwards. A complex game about […]

The Global Democracy stressing out under the Pandemic Cords

The current democracy situation at international level during election times under the Pandemic phase is facing changes and pressures. The democratic legitimacy is evaluated by comparing its effects within the aims of the state rulers that may see the Pandemic as an opportunity to prolong their power or even to influence people to get reconfirmed […]

An outlook on the Sabarimala issue

The Sabarimala issue is a tug-of-war between women’s fundamental right to equality under article 14 and the believer’s right to freely practice religion under 24 and 25 of ‘The Constitution of India’. Women have been prohibited from entering the Sanctum sanctorum, this discrimination has been clearly prohibited under the Article 15 of the Constitution of […]

The US’s unconditional support to Israel

Is the U.S. foreign policy agenda, and more specifically the U.S. position before the Israeli – Palestinian conflict, dictated by the Israeli lobby? If so, why? Abstract The Israeli – Palestinian conflict is ongoing and no real progress in peace negotiations is taking place. In the meantime, Israel is continuously building further settlements in Palestinian […]

Mindful Reflection on Resource Conflicts in Nepal

Nepal is a country in South Asia, well-known for its impressive mountains, natural beauty, and cultural diversity. Surrounded by its giant neighbors and global players India and China, the country is one of the poorest in the world. Nevertheless, its natural treasure is impressive. Water, forests, and natural biodiversity are crucial for the country, its […]

Biodiversity and Conflict in Nepal

The Government of Nepal is planning to construct a new international airport as the capacity of Nepal’s currently only international airport in Kathmandu has reached its limits. Apart from the presently constructed airports in Lumbini and Pokhara, government officials claim that an alternative to the capital’s Tribhuvan International Airport is urgently needed. Nijgadh, an area […]

The Bhutanese Refugee Crisis

According to Erdmann, conflict means two or more viewpoints, attitudes, expectations, or strategic approaches collide. Conflicts are a part of human relationships, on personal, industrial, community, national, or international level. A dispute is a normal part of life and found in political parties, friendships, relationships, family, church, and social organizations. Some conflicts are open; some […]

The New Maoist Conflict In Nepal

Following a decade-long insurgency and a tumultuous peace process, a new conflict might be in the making in Nepal (Adhikari 2019). After the civil war ended in Nepal, the Government of Nepal established a new constitution in 2015 and was, therefore, criticized by the opposition, especially the Maoist Communist Party. Mindfulness as a mindset might […]

The Madhesi Conflict

Crisis on the Nepal-India border as blockade continues: Three million Nepalese children under the age of five are at risk of death due to a shortage of fuel, food, and medicine (Plesch 2015).  Nepal went through a decade-long civil war from 1996 until 2006. During the war, the political party of the Maoists tried to […]

Analytical conflict report on the ‘Israel-Palestinian peace plan’

The background of the ‘Israel-Palestinian peace plan’ is who is entitled to settle in the Cis-Jordan region. The Jewish settlers claiming to have the right to live in this region, while, also the Arabic, and other, tribes, claiming that the region would be there historical settling area. Since the foundation of Israel, with its first […]