Category: Conflict Analytics

  • by Marina Khamitsevich
  • 24. September 2018

Moldova – Transnistria Conflict Report

Following the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, a number of conflicts arose in areas of some of the post-Soviet states, usually where the new international borders did not match the ethnic affiliations of local populations. These conflicts are often referred to as frozen conflicts. The term is used for situations in which there is […]

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  • by Roberto Rodriguez
  • 11. September 2018
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The Conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea: An Assessment and Potential Solutions

This paper discusses the border dispute between Eritrea and Ethiopia, the decision of the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, and the difficulties that both parties are having implementing the decision. This conflict may qualify as an intractable conflict. Conflict “is a difference within a person, or between two or more people, […]

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  • by Thalia Veintimilla
  • 14. July 2018

How to Administer Intelligence to a Global Order

“Intelligence” is referred to the ability to take information and embrace it with different types of skills, understanding it and sending it to one’s environment through a well behaved interaction with the society. (Carter, 2014) The educational system in the United States extends the term ‘gifted’ to students that have shown a difference in school […]

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  • by Daniel Erdmann
  • 2. November 2015

A misConception of Conflict?

Dear colleagues, it is my upmost wish and interest to share my thoughts regarding the origin, the handling, and the finalization of conflict – generally spoken: its nature. As far as I see, lots of concepts are communicated in literature and trainings throughout the globe. Many of them confuse me and make me wonder if […]

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