International Law and Politics: The Chechen Conflict

This paper examines international in the context of politics, as practiced in national states through international law. Countries operate in a legal system that affects their relations in international law. This is because national laws promote state interests and international law advances benefits for the benefit of the international community. In times of conflict, national […]

Would a higher instance be able to arbitrate the conflict in the East China Sea?

A centuries-old conflict between China and Japan about the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands seems to come to a head over the past few years. A conflict over territory and resources between two nations expands on a global scale and involves more and more parties. The conflict in the East China Sea between Japan and China goes back […]

The Responsibility to Protect: How the World Failed in Syria

The international community has failed in its responsibility to take timely and decisive action to protect Syrian people from mass atrocities, war crimes and crimes against humanity, and large-scale human rights violations committed by Assad regime and supported by Russia and Iran. Over half a million Syrians have been killed since the outbreak of conflict […]

America’s Cost of War in Iraq: 405,000 – 650,000 Lives Lost, $2 Trillion Spent

The Responsibility to Protect justifies a military intervention against another state—and authorized by the UN Security Council—when a government is unable, unwilling or fails to protect its population against, or is being involved itself, in four crimes: war crime, genocide, ethnic cleansing, and crime against humanity. When using the military force on behalf of the […]

Trade-wars and making of meaning

We need new solutions and new economic thinking – old thinking brings old solutions. Economics are still about resources of production – access to those, value-adding and arbitrage. If policies and actions are not to lead to loss for oneself in a modern interconnected environment it is important to realize that real economics are not […]

Palestinian Refugees: Listen their plea once and for all

ABSTRACT Trump administration has increased efforts in attempt to find a final solution on the Palestine status by removing the “refugee issue” of the negotiation table. The “refugee issue” is a central feature of the entire conflict between Israelis and Palestinians and is treated as inseparable from that of “self-determination.” Any future peace deal, therefore, […]

Ethnic Conflicts & Terrorism in Sri Lanka

Abstract: This article is probing the Sri Lankan Ethnic conflicts and Tamil Diaspora, and the struggle of minority Tamils in Sri Lanka. The ethnic war did end in 2009, with Sri Lankan government, dominated by the Sinhalese majority, defeating Tamil Tigers, the Warriors, who represented for ethnic Tamils. Auxiliary, this article is exploring the likelihoods […]

Peace Initiations in the Kashmir Conflict

Abstract: – This Article is exploring the peace initiation by government, people and organizations in the conflict between India and Pakistan, over the territorial dispute of Kashmir. How the people of Kashmir are affected in this territorial conflict; and what influence the peace initiators could do in the process of bringing democracy to the people […]

Reykjavik ended the Cold War

Do the leaders of the world lack a vision for the future so badly that they try to reenact the Cold War? 1986. A nuclear reactor explodes in Chernobyl releasing four hundred times more radioactive material than former bombing of Japan. Nuclear testing had been ongoing and had released even more radioactive material. 1986 a letter […]

Macedonia-Greece dispute over the name of Macedonia

The protracted conflict between Macedonia and Greece over the name of Macedonia involved many actors and players, direct and indirect, each seeking to take its share on the cake. The main actors in one of the long-lasting disputes in the world over history, identity and territory have been—up to recently—Macedonia and Greece. There have been […]