Afghanistan: A test bed for negotiations

Presently the most destabilizing threat the world is plagued with is the Civil War. It produces critical human suffering, subverts prosperity, leads to huge civilian displacements, and lays the groundwork for conflict in the future even after they end. Nevertheless, civil wars also carry a strong threat of both spreading across borders and drawing in […]

The Criminal Liability of Child Soldiers 

Many of the children who were recruited into armed groups or one of the conflict parties have participated in the hostilities, and as a result, many of them have committed different types of crimes. However, two main approaches are still leading the issue of child soldiers’ responsibility for the crimes they committed during their recruitment, […]

Customary Law in the Arab World

Traditional conflict resolution methods are considered one of the oldest methods used throughout history to resolve conflicts between individuals, and in the Arab world, many of these methods are still used today in a vital way to resolve many issues and disputes. In this article, we will focus on presenting customary/tribal law in the Arab […]

Sudan: Towards a Proposal Solution to end Famine in South Sudan

Famine has plagued South Sudan for many decades. This situation is due not only to the geographical position of this country but also to the rapid climate change and ethnic wars. Several solutions have tried to bring relief to this significant problem of famine without real success. Therefore, it is advisable to think of it […]

Ethiopia: Addressing Sexual Violence in Tigray Conflict

Sexual violence is known as an overall result of armed conflict and other crises. However, in the Tigray region, it has taken another dimension. It has become the primary weapon of war in multiple faces with systematic rape. The late intervention of the international community, including local nongovernmental organizations, forced the Ethiopian government to speak […]

Peace for the Rohingyas?

Where are the Rohingyas now? Could they find peace?  In 2017 the Rohingya, a Muslim minority in Myanmar, became victims of ethnic cleansing, so the UN. Thousands of people flee into the neighboring country Bangladesh to save their lives. They are not acknowledged as citizens from Myanmar by the government, until today. A century-old conflict in the […]

Why did the hope for peace associated with the Oslo process unravel so quickly?

The Oslo accords were a set of written agreements between Israel, represented by Labour party leader Yitzhak Rabin, and Yasser Arafat, who was representative of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, mediated in most part by US president Bill Clinton (Erakat, 2019). The first meeting, “Oslo I”, was signed in Washington D.C. in 1993. The “Oslo II” […]

International Law and Politics: The Chechen Conflict

This paper examines international in the context of politics, as practiced in national states through international law. Countries operate in a legal system that affects their relations in international law. This is because national laws promote state interests and international law advances benefits for the benefit of the international community. In times of conflict, national […]

Would a higher instance be able to arbitrate the conflict in the East China Sea?

A centuries-old conflict between China and Japan about the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands seems to come to a head over the past few years. A conflict over territory and resources between two nations expands on a global scale and involves more and more parties. The conflict in the East China Sea between Japan and China goes back […]