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Elections, conflicts, and expert’s perspectives

( Note on how to cite this journal: Author, Date of the post, WMO Conflict Insight, Title of the post,  ISSN: 2628-6998, ) On May 25, WMO held its third round-table, an online conference call uniting WMO members from all over the world and devoted to a chosen topic. This time the discussion was inspired by the article “Mediation of the 2008 post-election conflict in Keny​a: Was it a case of mediator personality?” by Gordon Ogola, the Kenyan practicing lawyer and court annexed mediator. One of the reason for taking this report as a starting point for the conversation was a whole series […]

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Gender Equality – Quo Vadis, Comitatus?

Introduction On March 23, 2019 – the members of the WMO community joined a common conference call under the project name of ‚WMO Round Table‘. The event was chaired by Daniel Erdmann and co-chaired by Marina Khamitsevich. The appointed main-speaker was Rhea Mahanta, who was supported by five co-speakers, namely: Kristina Cukic, Louisa Garbo, Mirella Kreda, Mohammad Siddiqui, and Rene Wadlow (all profiles are available at: ). The sum of speakers and general participants created an international group, set up of 16 nationalities, providing a multitude of diverse points of view and insights. This brief reflection is an attempt […]

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