Becoming a WMO member (Mediator, Student, Fellow) means to many persons obtaining their professional realization and fulfillment.This may be based on its triple sense. First, they expressed their loyalty towards WMO’s sustainable vision. Second, they help people to find a path to non-violent coexistence. Third, they stand in for our professional code of ethics, to continuously improve their academic writing and professional research style.

Being a Mediator, Fellow, and Peace Activist is much more than doing family conflict management, academic research, or being in the concrete trouble spot. It means to counter structural conflict on all levels and to raise awareness regarding the abuse of human goodwill and necessity for harmony. Nowadays Mediators, Fellows, and Peace Activists have to work in hot spots but also dedicate their time to sustainable middle and long term solutions. And more often than not, this work starts with educating other individuals.

Only by spreading the understanding, the skills, and the knowledge of conflict avoidance, we will be able to make people understand national and international operations realized by governments that have direct influence to our very private lives. By becoming a listed WMO MEMBER, you will not only further improve your professionalism, but you will also clearly express what your global vision stands for, namely for the goal to rebalance our society and to prevent future violent escalation.

Time is due and mankind needs the support of critical thinkers. Being experts and contributors in the field of conflict resolution, avoidance of structural abuse, and critical thinking – we need to join forces and raise the public awareness towards the complexity of the global community and international politics. We can not further accept the fact that humans are suffering misinformation and misleading media terror, unconscious psychological pressure passed down from state authorities to the individual and financial exploitation of mankind.

In order to put our vision to practice, we invite you to join WMO on a professional level and to further expand our network of contributors from the grass-roots to the top-dog level. It has never been as important as today, to understand the complexity of nowadays life. Politicians, nations, and companies are generating huge profits by initiating and supporting escalated disputes as well as by sharing the fear and spreading modified information in all fields of our life while putting us into an environment of terror and chaos. It is up to us to break free and to work against concepts that are generated to be ‚normal‘ and ‚true‘. It is our task to re-establish a social balance that was violated by oppressors as mentioned above.

Please take your time to obtain more information on the programs, learn more about the academic authorities, and how this knowledge may be of benefit for your professional plans and mankind in general.

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Membership Levels’ details:

WMO Peace Activist: This membership option is open to everybody who is involved or who supports peace, respects diversity, and acknowledges constructive and sustainable exchange. Hereby, it does not matter, if the individual is professionally engaged in the field or if one targets to realize significant positive changes in one’s personal and private environment. We all have a story to tell, and each story is worth listening to. Annual Fee: 10,00 Euro.

WMO Mediator: This membership option is open to everyone who completed the WMO Expert Training or the WMO Professional Diploma Series – Practitioner Level. The WMO Training paths that lead to the appointment as WMO Mediator are meaningful to both, professionals who are new to the field of Mediation, and to professionals who are already certified professionals but who wish to enrich their perspective by learning about the unique approach of Mindful Mediation. The WMO Mediator Level or an external certification as Mediator are mandatory requirements to become a WMO Fellow. Annual Fee: 50,00 Euro.

WMO Fellow: This membership option is open to WMO Mediators and externally certified mediators or practitioners of similar branches, such as Restorative Justice, Negotiation, Diplomacy, etc. WMO Fellows can apply for participation in WMO Research Projects, may be invited to be speakers WMO Conferences and WMO Podcasts. In order to maintain their status, WMO Fellows need to send in two qualified research articles per year. The WMO Fellow membership is a mandatory requirement to become a WMO Emeritus. Annual Fee: 150,00 Euro.

WMO Emeritus: This membership option is the most eminent one that WMO offers and shows the organization’s appreciation for a long time of intensive support, dedication, and involvement. As a senior member, the WMO Emeritus has full access to all projects, shall guide younger peers members, and be an advisor to the organization per see. One-Time Fee: 1000,00 Euro.

Application Process:

In order to form part of our interactive and global community, you are asked to send us a motivation letter that states your professional background, your vision why you wish to join WMO, and how mankind may benefit from your skills, insights and competencies in future. On acceptance of your letter, we will get back to you and ask you to transfer the corresponding joining fee via Credit Card / Paypal as indicated below. On receiving the fee, we will upload your public profile and confirm thereby your membership level. Your specific membership level can be selected by using the below added payment tool.