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Welcome to WMO – a platform that promotes respectful intercultural and non-armed understanding. We believe that „Mediation is a social core skill that lies veiled within each of us.“ By using the term of Mediation, we want you to understand that Mediation is not a single method but more likely a conglomerate of diverse competencies and skills.

By promoting a constructive dialogue within an area of mutual respect and non-escalated armed conflict (previously named: ‘culture of peace‘), it is intended to make the individual reflect in order to identify a person’s point of view, to raise awareness towards social and political conceptions, and to communicate knowledge that may assist in creating enduring solutions to conflicts and tensions created by human interactions, states, and organizations.


Becoming a WMO member means to many persons obtaining their professional realization and fulfillment.


We are glad to offer you thrilling research results and first-hand conflict reports that disclose deep insights.

Online Training

The WMO Online Training is a newly developed course on the interdisciplinary topic of Mindful Mediation.

Round Table

Hello and welcome to the WMO Round Table, being the most exciting possibility to globally meet and connect with experts.

Become a Peace Activist

We believe in the positive impact of education and personal exchange.


Supporters of Global Peace and Conflict Resolution, may join as: Students, Fellows, Mediators, or Peace Activists...

Online Course

The WMO Online Training is a newly developed course on the interdisciplinary topic of Mindful...

Book Project

Comprehensive Mediation: The education and execution of mediation are generally governed...

Round Table

The WMO Round Table Hub, is the most exciting possibility to meet, exchange and learn from globally spread experts...


We are glad to offer you thrilling research results and first-hand conflict reports that disclose deep insights...


The WMO Conflict Insight Journal, is an expert’s hub where international first-hand exchange takes place....

World Mediation Organization Landmarks

We try to equip individuals as well as future generations in general with tools of Critical Thinking and Conflict Resolution Competencies by offering a free educational program that is available to everybody. Reaching everybody means that Prof. Erdmann created an educational concept that is acceptable and practical within every type of culture. This cross-border and cross-cultural training does not intend to impose a western style of Applied Mediation on another culture, but it deals with a sensible core or the point within the circle. This core emulsifies with the cultural background and language of the student and allows him or her to become a unique inner border professional. In this way, the WORLD MEDIATION ORGANIZATION is able to offer the only worldwide achievable training that respects and works with global diversity. We believe that „Ignorance is no acceptable option.“

Meet the Director of Institutes

Our team of experts at your service!

Daniel Erdmann, PhD

Head of Education

Nidhi Modi, LLM

Head of Research

Mirella Kreder, BA

Head of Journal

Liz Reyes, LLM

Head of Conference

The WMO Professional Diploma Program Series

Program Advisor, Prof. Daniel Erdmann, on this Professional Diploma:

“I am thrilled to see such an outstanding set of international faculty being part of this program and offering the individual student, in a private teaching approach, the true depth and hidden insights of the art of mediation. This is a unique chance for any student to get the best out of the topic by benefiting from expert’s perspectives from around the globe, and being engaged in the most efficient and practical related mediation program worldwide. “

Prof. Daniel Erdmann, PhD

is a newly developed professional program on the interdisciplinary topic of Mindful Mediation & Holistic Conflictology in English language. This professional online program is divided into three different levels of engagement, and offers each student the possibility to connect, learn, practice, and  in the widest sense of the private instructions delivered by an international team of expert professionals. The program is divided into 6 chapters per level and should be finished within the time frame of 1 semester, accordingly 6 months. Due to its private teaching approach, the student can enroll at any time and is empowered to study at her / his own pace, while keeping up with the target of finishing one chapter per month. The professional diploma program is based on international research results but more importantly includes real life expert’s comprehensive input and expertise from the field of Mindful Mediation and Conflictology. The WMO Professional Diploma Program is set up by three different levels, namely in 1) WMO Practitioner, 2) WMO Researcher, and 3) WMO Lecturer. Learn more