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Category: Social Aspects

Use of indigenous language for conflict resolution

Human communication is inseparable from human language. People communicate with each other with language. Miscommunication and non-communication can contribute to conflict. It happens when communication is not enough with information or a misinterpretation of the words intended but a different meaning by which it is the beginning of miscommunication. Conflict is a situation whereby individuals, groups, or countries are involved in disagreement over an issue. Usually conflict between different ethnic groups often results from different language contact. There are instances when an indigenous language has a proverb, a song, a story or a myth that paints another community or other […]

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Understanding intercultural communication and conflict resolution in our lives

Research has identified cultural values and emotional intelligence as central determinants of conflict handing styles, little is known about the mechanism through which cultural values impact individuals, preferences for specific conflict handling styles. Intercultural conflict have become a day-to-day life that we witness in our societies. One can say that these have become part of us and sine-qua-non to the people. The more we come across people in our working places, at school, market places, and even in our basic closest relax places, we experienced social conflict and cultural misunderstanding during interaction, and these account to cultural conflict. Since the […]

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Wolves and mediation

The majority who reads the title of the text is probably wondering what is the connection between the wolves pack and the mediation? For those who know little about this animal, we will outline some interesting facts. Wolves mostly live in a pack that makes up about 20 individuals. They represent a very organized community, which is why they are very old animals today. Pack is led by an Alpha male and an Alpha female who arranges and runs all of them. The task of other males is finding food, hunting and safe keeping the pack. The newborn wolf keeps the […]

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History of ethnic minority in law and rule

Ethnic Minority are suffering of land dispossession, land related violence, reduced livelihood options, and narrow access to key social services. At the same time, it anchors the challenges faced by extreme poor minorities in broader political economy questions around identity and political recognition. In 1776 British military attacked CHT and the hill people fought strongly. This fighting between Chakma king and British army continued for a decades (Levene, 1999; Serajuddin, 1984). In 1887 the conflict ended when Lord Cornwallis and Chakma King agreed to sign a mutual agreement by giving right to British to do trade in CHT. The process […]

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Ethnicity and jhum cultivation in Bangladesh

Land is the platform on which environment and ethnicity have a regular discursive interaction. Claims of ethnicity and claims to land are intertwined, suggesting the need for a comprehensive understanding of land tenure and land use patterns in the Chattogram Hill Trucks (CHT). Land is a crucially important and relationship between ethnicity and environment. It is specially involve of land use and jhum agricultural systems. There are a number of ethnic minority group in CHT. It is important to note that although all these groups share a common mode of subsistence, that is jhum, they nonetheless differ from each other […]

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Mediation and ethics

Conflicts are a considerable part of human relationships and thus cannot and should not always be avoided. However, we are able to choose how we address them and that is when mediation comes into the picture. As part of our everyday lives, conflicts can open new possibilities or they can represent an onerous challenge. Moreover, conflicts can also be very intimate and when dealing with them or their aftermath we are often exposed and vulnerable and so the way we choose to address our conflicts is very important. Consequentially, whoever is trusted with resolution or management of the conflict, may […]

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Mindful Conflict Management in Hong Kong and China

Conflict exists all over the world and even in its remotest corners. Whenever people get together, conflict will occur in their private or professional lives. Individuals generally are able to simply walk away from a person or from several persons whenever a conflict issue raises. But what should we do if it happens to exist in a business context? Can we just leave our colleagues, co-workers or counterparts in order to get rid of conflict? My answer is absolutely no. Basically we may say that the way you see a conflict, depends of your own view point, experiences and / […]

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ADR in civil procedure of Bangladesh

While criminal law is the body of law that deals with crime and the legal punishment of criminal offenses, civil law deals with the disputes between individuals, organizations, or between the two, in which compensation is awarded to the victim. All civil proceedings in Bangladesh are regulated under the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908, unless otherwise excluded. The only one exception to the Section 89A(1), which provides that except in a suit under the Artha Rin Adalat Ain, 1990 (Bank loan recovery act). The Judicial system takes about 20to 30 years to dismiss a suit finally. To recover from this […]

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How White Privilege can be Perpetuated in Mediation

White privilege is perpetuated in mediation because racism in the United States is healthy and strong. Racism permeates all aspects of society. Neither the many laws that have been passed to eradicate its effects, nor sustained efforts to educate the population, have weakened its negative influence. White privilege is a consequence of racism, which is pervasive in all areas of society, although the presence of white privilege sometimes is invisible. Mediation, with all its many good goals and characteristics, is not free from the influence of white privilege because, in most instances, this influence occurs unconsciously or subconsciously. Mediation is […]

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Elder Mediation: Beneficial Business Model and Opportunity

Elder and Adult Care Mediation: The New Horizon in Family Practice With the population aging at an unprecedented rate, families are more frequently encountering strained situations about how to best care for a loved one who no longer is able to drive, live alone, requires assistance with daily living, or requires a new level of medical care.   Even in the best of families, communication can shut down or never open up to quality decision-making. “My brother has been handling mom’s money the past two years, but my sisters and I think that he is using mom’s money for his benefit. […]

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Should we not mix politics and sport?

“You should never mix politics and football. You should always show respect. It’s a wonderful atmosphere and a positive experience and that’s what football should be about” – said the Swiss coach after the match between Serbia and Switzerland at 2018 football World Cup in Russia. The coach was commenting on the controversy related to three Swiss players – two of them born in Kosovo – who celebrated their goals with «Albanian eagle» on the field. The gesture was deemed politically-motivated by Serbia, it filed a formal complaint, so FIFA initiated disciplinary proceedings for those players in question. That episode is just […]

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Gender Differences in Communication

A friend was complaining that her boyfriend would not say “I love you” even if explicitly asked to do so. The only exception, she said, was when they were in fact in the act of making love. Then, if asked, he would say the sacred words. Somebody suggested to her that she should not take too much comfort in the exception. When making love, she was told, men would say anything. “He’d tell you he’s the Easter Bunny if that’s what he thinks you want to hear” a friend told her. The conversation rattled on from there. A couple of weeks later, she […]

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Restorative justice and reconciliation agenda in Brazil

Like many other Latin American countries, Brazil had a period of military rule, having left its complicated legacy of the divided society. The country attempted to overcome the consequences of political violence by implementing truth and reconciliation commission in 2011 – this measure took much longer to be implemented than in most other neighbor countries. The first part of this report explores the reasons for that belated action and complications it implied. The second part of the report analyzes restorative practices implemented in Brazil. The country is known for its creative celebration of life. Unfortunately, it is also notorious for […]

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Sobre la necesidad de encontrarse en persona

Estimado colega, por favor entiende este corto artículo como reflexión sobre nuestra situación social contemporánea. Pongámos el focus sobre esta situación muy compleja, que pocos de nosotros deben entender completamente y menos todavía deben saber tratarla de una forma adecuada. Durante un viaje de negocios en Asia, tuve la oportunidad de encontrarme de unos colegas mios. Fue uno de estos momentos sin influencias de las redes sociales, sin conferencias telefónicas y sin mensajes escritos de alguna forma. Nos olvidamos del tiempo y creamos nuestro propio microcosmo contenido de contacto visual, gesticulaciones, intercambio de ideas y mucha risa. Qué estaba pasando? Qué […]

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About the necessity to meet in person.

Dear reader, please understand this short article as a critical reflection on our current situation, a situation that few of us may understand in full, and who are prepared to act accurately. While being on a business trip in Asia, I had the fortunate possibility to meet and to sit down with two colleagues of mine. It was one of these moments beyond social media, phone conferences, short and voice messages. We got lost in time and created our own micro cosmos of eye contact and gestures, exchange thoughts and lots of laughter. What was going on? What was different […]

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