Shamanism as a socio-political tool: the case of Park Geun-Hye and Alexander Gabyshev 

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In situations of crisis, humans as a social beings tend to turn to non-conformist religious or spiritual practices for support. Whether in times of socio-economic or political crisis, contemporary society

Diplomacy in a parental abduction case and the interests of the child

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On 29 September 2016 a two-year-old girl, called Insiya, was kidnapped, and taken from her mother in the Netherlands. The kidnapping was violently carried out by three men who took

Personal Identity and Peacebuilding

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Before we get started, I would like to talk with you briefly about the nature of this article. Due to the fact that peacebuilding in its most specific but also

The dragon that unites us

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Once upon another time… in ancient Poland, right on Wawel Hill near the Vistula River, there was a huge dragon of green and yellow scales frightening the population and eating

Is Migration Beneficial For The Migrant, The Country They Go To And The Country Of Origin?

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Lebanon and Syria have been hit by an unprecedented wave of a sudden, overwhelming and traumatic migration. While this means a loss for Syria and a gain for Lebanon in

Kinder im Sportverein – Leistungsdruck und verbale Gewalt

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‚Komm, geh mal an die frische Luft und beweg Dich ein wenig!‘ Sie alle kennen wahrscheinlich diesen Satz. Eventuell haben Sie ihn selber nie gebraucht, aber sicherlich einmal von Ihren eignen