The dragon that unites us

Once upon another time… in ancient Poland, right on Wawel Hill near the Vistula River, there was a huge dragon of green and yellow scales frightening the population and eating their sheep.  Alarmed at the situation, King Krakus convened the bravest warriors of his kingdom to exterminate the dragon and restore peace to his people. […]

The Global Democracy stressing out under the Pandemic Cords

The current democratic situation at the international level during election times under the Pandemic phase is facing changes and pressures. The democratic legitimacy is evaluated by comparing its effects within the aims of the state rulers that may see the Pandemic as an opportunity to prolong their power or even to influence people to get […]

Kinder im Sportverein – Leistungsdruck und verbale Gewalt

‚Komm, geh mal an die frische Luft und beweg Dich ein wenig!‘ Sie alle kennen wahrscheinlich diesen Satz. Eventuell haben Sie ihn selber nie gebraucht, aber sicherlich einmal von Ihren eignen Eltern gehört. Ja, so einfach war das alles in der guten alten Zeit. Die Schule war aus und man konnte unbeschwert spielen. Eigentlich müsste dieses […]

Cyber-Terror und wenn Eltern die Kontrolle verlieren

Ihr Kind geht früher als sonst ins Bett, hört angeblich im verschlossenen Kinderzimmer Musik, liegt stundenlang im Bett und ist nur schwer zugänglich? Sie kennen all diese Situationen? Dann ist Ihr Kind eventuell zwischen 9 und 16 Jahren alt und verbringt sehr viel Zeit mit dem Handy. Es ist uns wohl allen klar, dass dieses […]

Wer laut ist, hat nicht immer Recht

Das ist alles garnicht so einfach. Eltern müssen heutzutage definitiv mehr leisten, als in früheren Zeiten. Oder anders gesagt, unser Leben ist anders strukturiert und verlangt uns mehr ab. Wie das kommt? Nun ja, wurden junge Paare früher noch von den eignen Eltern auf das Leben vorbereitet, übernimmt dies heutzutage die Medienwelt. Und genau diese […]

Democratic Involvement – what are the factors ?

Can it be that unsound behavior, communication deficiencies, and personality disorders, not concepts or even the law are the main problem in politics? Do we reward unsound behavior? Do we install processes that protect the diversity of voices and look out for the emotional, physical, and social health of participants? Governing has been marked by […]

Use of indigenous language for conflict resolution

Human communication is inseparable from human language. People communicate with each other with language. Miscommunication and non-communication can contribute to conflict. It happens when communication is not enough with information or a misinterpretation of the words intended but a different meaning by which it is the beginning of miscommunication. Conflict is a situation whereby individuals, […]

History of ethnic minority in law and rule

Ethnic Minorities are suffering from land dispossession, land-related violence, reduced livelihood options, and narrow access to key social services. At the same time, it anchors the challenges faced by extremely poor minorities in broader political economy questions around identity and political recognition. In 1776 British military attacked CHT and the hill people fought strongly. This […]

Ethnicity and jhum cultivation in Bangladesh

The land is the platform on which environment and ethnicity have regular discursive interaction. Claims of ethnicity and claims to land are intertwined, suggesting the need for a comprehensive understanding of land tenure and land-use patterns in the Chattogram Hill Tracts (CHT). The land is crucially important and the relationship between ethnicity and environment. It […]