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The World Mediation Organization serves as a platform that promotes respectful intercultural and non-armed understanding. We believe that „Mediation is a social core skill that lies veiled within each of us.“ By using the term of Mediation, we want you to understand that Mediation is not a single method but more likely a conglomerate of diverse competencies and skills.

By promoting a constructive dialogue within an area of mutual respect and non-escalated armed conflict (previously named: ‘culture of peace‘), it is intended to make the individual reflect in order to identify a person’s point of view, to raise awareness towards social and political conceptions, and to communicate knowledge that may assist in creating enduring solutions to conflicts and tensions created by human interactions, states, and organizations.

Mission Statement

Mediation is a social core skill that lies veiled within each of us.“ Daniel Erdmann

In order to follow up on this point, we try to equip individuals as well as future generations in general with tools of Critical Thinking and Conflict Resolution Competencies by offering a free educational program that is available to everybody. Reaching everybody means that Prof. Erdmann created an educational concept that is acceptable and practical within every type of culture.

This cross-border and cross-cultural training does not intend to impose a western style of Mediation on another culture, but it deals with a sensible core or the point within the circle. This core emulsifies with the cultural background and language of the student and allows him or her to become a unique inner border professional.

In this way, the WORLD MEDIATION ORGANIZATION is able to offer the only worldwide achievable training that respects and works with global diversity. We believe that „Ignorance is no acceptable option. “ Daniel Erdmann

Focusing on education and personal exchange, we are in the lucky position to connect with all levels of peace activists – scholars – and supporters. In order to reach all their needs and interests, the WORLD MEDIATION ORGANIZATION educational program suits all of them. It generally does not deal with ordinary topics, but with topics that widen and deepen the understanding of what I call Mindful Mediation in an interdisciplinary way.

But online and remote education is not the only way we accepted to be suitable for us to improve our understanding of global complexity and cultural diversity. The series of WORLD MEDIATION ORGANIZATION activities build an interactive platform for professionals from all over the world who share the same vision, who look beyond one’s own nose, and who understand that Mindful Mediation may also be interpreted as a cross border philosophy of life.

What we know today being WORLD MEDIATION ORGANIZATION, started back in 2006 as an idea that today developed into a vast, growing worldwide community of aspiring professionals. These affiliated ladies and gentlemen who are handling a crisis, delaying wars and putting the world in a harmonized state, and restructure society toward a balanced level – are the very soul of our mission, the cornerstone on the path of discovering and witnessing the power of Mindful Mediation.

To be a mediator has often been associated with being a trained and listed member of a national association. But this is not the case. Mindful Mediation has far more to offer than a membership card of good standing. Mindful Mediation, as far as I understand and believe, is more likely a social competence that is to be found within every person’s being. It is a basic emotional and logical necessity of a human being to live within a community or social construct. And it is also a basic necessity to communicate and to enable communication within such a group, as well as to create dialogue in order to fix or to optimize something that got out of balance.

We try to unveil this social competence to the utmost quantity of persons worldwide. So, to those who already discovered Mindful Mediation and its potential power, we intend to deepen the understanding in the previously outlined interdisciplinary way, and to offer our course and the symposia where peer visionaries exchange and optimize their skills in the most profound way. As we all know, all conflicts are different and targeting on the same solution for different problems eventually backfires, because of several reasons, such as cultural differences, social differences, and different ways of communication – to only name a few.

That is why we needed something bigger, something broader rather than a simple stage model and a definition of mediation. That is how I stumbled upon the topic of interdisciplinary mediation. It is important to note that today, you must perceive Mindful Mediation as an interdisciplinary science.

It does not rely on techniques and stage models at all, but on historical and cultural background, on an anthropological and a sociological point of view, and on the capability of the mediator to adopt her / his skills to the conflict and its parties. In the perplexity of this rich system of values, lies the inner core of Mindful Mediation. Somehow, the secret of WORLD MEDIATION ORGANIZATION. This core is dealt with briefly in the WORLD MEDIATION ORGANIZATION ONLINE TRAINING but is actually communicated in private instruction only.

Through this core the student can adapt and master his techniques, can switch roles, and decipher the conditions and complex subjectivity of the conflict. What WORLD MEDIATION ORGANIZATION has done in the beginning, will further strengthen our cause and our future. Our reliability and flexibility stretches and ties knots all over the globe. Our mission is to deliver the message of peace across all nations.

If you feel that all this is true and highly valuable, then you may understand that to become a successful and effective mediator requires you to explore Mindful Mediation’s inner logic and basic structure. A certain level of self-awareness and awareness regarding the environment you are living in or you are getting in touch with professionally ought to be created.

I believe that each of us should open her- / himself in order learn a very important lesson, namely that Mindful Mediation is also a process of healing and in order to heal the world, we should try to raise the awareness of this possibility that lies within mankind.

William Blake said: “We must leave the age of innocence and enter the age of experience, and through experience, hopefully, we’ll find innocence again”. Share first-hand conflict insights and reports that are not controlled by mass-media tycoons. Therefore, I kindly invite you to consider to assist us by supporting global understanding by becoming a listed WMO MEDIATOR or FELLOW.

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