Democratic Involvement – what are the factors ?

Can it be that unsound behavior, communication deficiencies and personality disorders, not concepts or even the law are the main problem in politics? Do we reward unsound behavior? Do we install processes that protect diversity of voices and look out for emotional, physical and social health of participants? Governing has been marked by social hierarchies […]

Use of indigenous language for conflict resolution

Human communication is inseparable from human language. People communicate with each other with language. Miscommunication and non-communication can contribute to conflict. It happens when communication is not enough with information or a misinterpretation of the words intended but a different meaning by which it is the beginning of miscommunication. Conflict is a situation whereby individuals, […]

Understanding intercultural communication and conflict resolution in our lives

Research has identified cultural values and emotional intelligence as central determinants of conflict handing styles, little is known about the mechanism through which cultural values impact individuals, preferences for specific conflict handling styles. Intercultural conflict have become a day-to-day life that we witness in our societies. One can say that these have become part of […]

Wolves and mediation

The majority who reads the title of the text is probably wondering what is the connection between the wolves pack and the mediation? For those who know little about this animal, we will outline some interesting facts. Wolves mostly live in a pack that makes up about 20 individuals. They represent a very organized community, which […]

History of ethnic minority in law and rule

Ethnic Minorities are suffering from land dispossession, land-related violence, reduced livelihood options, and narrow access to key social services. At the same time, it anchors the challenges faced by extreme poor minorities in broader political economy questions around identity and political recognition. In 1776 British military attacked CHT and the hill people fought strongly. This […]

Ethnicity and jhum cultivation in Bangladesh

Land is the platform on which environment and ethnicity have a regular discursive interaction. Claims of ethnicity and claims to land are intertwined, suggesting the need for a comprehensive understanding of land tenure and land use patterns in the Chattogram Hill Trucks (CHT). Land is a crucially important and relationship between ethnicity and environment. It […]

Mediation and ethics

Conflicts are a considerable part of human relationships and thus cannot and should not always be avoided. However, we are able to choose how we address them and that is when mediation comes into the picture. As part of our everyday lives, conflicts can open new possibilities or they can represent an onerous challenge. Moreover, […]

Mindful Conflict Management in Hong Kong and China

Conflict exists all over the world and even in its remotest corners. Whenever people get together, conflict will occur in their private or professional lives. Individuals generally are able to simply walk away from a person or from several persons whenever a conflict issue raises. But what should we do if it happens to exist […]

ADR in civil procedure of Bangladesh

While criminal law is the body of law that deals with crime and the legal punishment of criminal offenses, civil law deals with the disputes between individuals, organizations, or between the two, in which compensation is awarded to the victim. All civil proceedings in Bangladesh are regulated under the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908, unless […]

How white privilege can be perpetuated in Mediation

White privilege is perpetuated in mediation because racism in the United States is healthy and strong. Racism permeates all aspects of society. Neither the many laws that have been passed to eradicate its effects, nor sustained efforts to educate the population, have weakened its negative influence. White privilege is a consequence of racism, which is […]