Finnur Gunnþórsson

Name:  Finnur Gunnþórsson

Status: WMO Student

Entry Date: 25/07/2019

City / Country: Hafnarfjörður / Iceland

My expertise and field of action: I worked as an assistant director in adult or continuous education for 11 years. I was mainly responsible for motivational programs offered to unemployed people by the Directorate of Labor. Both before and after a nation wide bank system collapse. Recently I have given independent courses for people regarding avoiding burn-out. I have had small groups. I am a ICF certified coach and just gained a certification as a conversational hypnotherapist. Formerly I took a MSc. degree from CBS Denmark in Economics and Business Administration. I enjoy helping people realize their inner resources. I have participated in politics while I quit because I thought narcissistic or even sociopathic characteristics where present in some of the people (actually maybe no more than 2 in a very large group) that lead to all things revolving around a single person instead of solving issues. That person was very mean to many people and drove professionals away, while drawing people with less personal strength close to enable their control and manipulation. This has increased my understanding of my longing to have more personal resilience, more emotional fortitude as well as appropriate tools in dealing with such circumstances.

My professional vision as WMO MEMBER: I have a longing to organize and train groups of people not in mediation as such but in their resources for positive interactions in society. In a way to have a healing effect on my society and surroundings.

Articles of Finnur Gunnþórsson: … search here …

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