Keble Babey

Name:  Keble Babey

Status: WMO Fellow

Entry Date: 20/11/2018

City / Country:Yaoundé / Cameroon

My expertise and field of action: Geospatial Analysis, Mediation, Conflict Analysis, Conflict Resolution, Restorative Justice.

My professional vision as WMO FELLOW: My vision is to become an expert in conflict analysis, mediation, and restorative justice. This is because I am looking forward to building the capacities of youths and elderly in my community and beyond, extending this action globally. The aim is to see that any difficult conversation is handled at its earlier stage. This will reduce the number of cases that generate the kind of conflict that leads to harm. As humans, we cannot avoid conflicts, therefore let conflict be handled in its initial stage and let the parties come out of it while still regaining their dignities. In this light, I am looking forward to a more peaceful global community. I am also looking forward to interacting with WMO Mediators and Fellows to build a network of mentors and peers and also learn about their success and failures.

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