Sherina Saji

Name:  Sherina Saji

Status: WMO Mediator

Entry Date: 27/11/2018

City / Country: Dubai / United Arab Emirates

My expertise and field of action: As a senior legal consultant and lawyer, my specialization includes advising clients on commercial and corporate transactions, debt recovery, real estate, employment, criminal matters, intellectual property rights, matrimonial matters, and wills & probate. I have actively involved in matters concerning arbitration, litigations, and dispute resolution. I work as a Senior Legal Consultant with Hend Al Ktebi Advocates & Legal Consultants, a law firm based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. My field of action mainly includes Commercial, Corporate, and Dispute Resolution.

My professional vision as WMO FELLOW: I would like to create a platform for the parties to a litigation to clearly understand their own position in the conflict and be with them until achieving a successful end result, by not compromising self-reflection and respectful dialogues. I truly believe that being a WMO Mediator will help me enhance my professional motto.

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