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Supporters of Global Peace and Conflict Resolution,

becoming a WMO member means to many persons obtaining their professional realization and fulfillment. This may be based on its triple sense. First, they expressed their loyalty towards WMO. Second, they help people to find a path to non-violent coexistence. Third, they stand in for our professional code of ethics, continuously improve their academic writing style and how to perform professional research. Being a Mediator, Conflict Resolution Practitioner, and Peace Supporter is much more than doing family conflict management, academic research, or being in the concrete trouble spot. It means to counter structural conflict on all levels, and to raise awareness regarding the abuse of human goodwill and necessity for harmony.

Nowadays Mediators and Conflict Resolution Practitioners have to work in hot spots but also dedicate their time to sustainable middle and long term solutions. And more often than not, this work starts with educating other individuals. Only by spreading the understanding, the skills, and the knowledge of conflict avoidance, we will be able to make people understand national and international operations realized by governments that have direct influence to our very private lives. By becoming a listed WMO Mediator and / or WMO Fellow, you will not only further improve your professionalism, but you will also clearly express what your global vision stands for, namely for the goal to rebalance our society and to prevent future violent escalation.

Time is due and mankind needs the support of critical thinkers. Being experts and contributors in the field of conflict resolution, avoidance of structural abuse, and critical thinking – we need to join forces and raise the public awareness towards the complexity of the global community and international politics. We can not further accept the fact that humans are suffering misinformation and misleading media terror, unconscious psychological pressure passed down from state authorities to the individual, and financial exploitation of mankind.

In order to put our vision to practice, we invite you to join WMO on a professional level and to further expand our network of contributors from the grass-roots to the top-dog level. It has never been as important as today, to understand the complexity of nowadays life. Politicians, nations, and companies are generating huge profits by initiating and supporting escalated disputes as well as by sharing fear and spreading modified information in all fields of our life, while putting us into an environment of terror and chaos. It is up to us to break free and to work against concepts that are generated to be ‚normal‘ and ‚true‘. It is our task to re-establish a social balance that was violated by oppressors as mentioned above. Meet the members …

What we expect from a WMO MEDIATOR / WMO FELLOW:

  • A WMO MEDIATOR / FELLOW shall follow the WMO Code of Ethics.
  • A WMO MEDIATOR / FELLOW will realize peace work on the grassroots level.
  • A WMO MEDIATOR / FELLOW will create two research or reflective articles per year and provide comments in our article section.

Your benefits of being a WMO MEDIATOR / WMO FELLOW:

  1. Your professional articles may be selected to form part of WMO Book projects.
  2. You continue to work with peers and to initiate complex group research projects.
  3. Your skills and loyalty made you obtain a globally appreciated rank of researcher.
  4. You will receive a 20% discount on WMO Events that are announced on this website.
  5. You will obtain a proper webspace to display your  CV / Professional data on our website.
  6. Your articles will be reviewed and selected for the publication in the  Euclid University Journal.
  7. You will have access to WMO Round Table virtual online meetings that connect our expert members on a global level.

Registration Procedure:


The annual fee  of 50,- EURO shall be transferred by Stripe or Western Union. Future fees are due on January 15th of each year and are not refundable. Please add your Name, Adress, and contact data to the transaction form.  

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