Research / Journal

We are glad to offer you thrilling research results and first-hand conflict reports that disclose deep insights in a comfortable short setting. Witness what our global experts want to share with you in order to deepen your knowledge, extend your impact, and to widen your horizon. Become a member, see the full content, and exchange with luminaries from around the world.

The purpose of the WMO Research Institute is to create high-quality first-hand conflict reports, evaluations, and proposals towards practicable solutions. In order to make this vision become reality, the research institute is ruled by a diverse board of directors. The members of this board cover a wide range of professional and intercultural expertise and are more than happy to share their insights with a broader audience. In order to realize this work and to identify topics to work on, the board initiates internal surveys where WMO Members can propose research topics.

Once, such a topic is selected, matching WMO Members will be invited to join the research process. What makes a member be qualified to join such a project? Well, first of all, it is the personal and professional background that enables a person to share or not to share valuable insights on a topic. Second, WMO members are able to add posts to the already published articles in our journal. Here, the board is able to evaluate the writing skills of the members. If the individual’s expertise and analytical writing skills are evaluated positively, the person gets officially invited to join the project.

The outcome of the research will be presented in a WMO Round Table / Online Conference. Here, the directors and invited researchers will present the article in full and initiate a question and answer section with the audience. Once, the article was presented in the conference call, it will receive an ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) and be published in the WMO Journal. The articles published within one year will accordingly be available in a printed version afterwards. We are thrilled to see you joining WMO, to learn from your perspectives during the Round Table, and to make you benefit from our efforts.