Ayodha land dispute mediation amidst mosque and temple bungled

Abstract: This article is examining the failure of the Supreme Court (Apex Court) Monitored Mediation in resolving the dispute on a title over land at Ayodhya, UP State, India, between Hindus and Muslims. Also, the article is taking depictions of conflicts of similar nature , elsewhere, based on ‘faith’, ‘religion’, ‘belief’, and trying to understand […]

Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks: America’s art of failure

ABSTRACT The mediation process relating to Palestine final status—started by the United Nations, continued with the United States, and currently under the Quartet’s auspices—is far from resulting in a deal that would be acceptable by Israelis and Palestinians. The process has stalled due to Israel’s and Palestine’s stubborn positions on the “final status issues.” Whereas […]

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: The long-lasting quest of Palestinians to liberation

The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has been around for almost a century, involving Israel and Palestine and Israel and Arab neighbors. The quest of Palestinians to liberation has been long and costly. Peace negotiations have been underway since the late 1970s, producing numerous arrangements and initiatives and at least six peace agreements—unsuccessfully to date. […]

Mandatory mediation for motor accidental disputes in India

Abstract  This article is probing into the possibilities for mandatory mediation mechanism to the disputes in Motor Accidents in India. In Indian judiciary, especially the Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal (MACT) is branded with an image of breeding a ‘mountain of pending cases’. The use of Mediation is being explored, but not practiced with robustness; and […]

Mediation First – for debt recovery law and practice in India.

Abstract This paper ( presented at International conference on ADR at IIL, Indore) is systematically examining the Debt Recovery Tools along with the laws in India vis-à-vis the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods, considering the legal recovery practice and methodology opted by the Banking & Finance Institutions, and accepted by the public sector banks, financial […]

Benefits of Mindful Mediation for fragile states

Mindfulness encompasses the mental ability to develop responsibility for oneself to assist one in solving current life issues and challenges. Unless an individual can understand him/herself, they cannot understand others. For that matter, mindful mediation is a holistic process of conflict resolution founded on a blend of evidence-based simulations and techniques through the use of […]

The Afghan conflict and peace prospects

Abstract This article explores the nature of the Afghan conflict, identifying the national and international parties involved, and the national and international interests at stake. At a moment in time where peace negotiations are throwing hope for the end of the conflict, having a clear understanding of the conflict will be essential to finding ways […]

The negotiation table equals the operation table

Internships in mediation, are not the rolle playing. The internships in mediation, should be like the residences in medicine, the conflict is the patient, which requires the intervention of the professional, around are the interests, beliefs, emotions in play that bid to be right about how the professional will collaborate with them in cure the […]

Mediation as a tool for the effective resolution of conflicts in Haiti

Introduction Haiti remains a country of conflict since its independence from France on 1 January 1804. During the period of 1986 to the present time, the situation of Haiti become worse because all sectors in the population struggle for power and the control of the economic’s system. The main problem of Haiti is the disparity […]

The impact of mediation on international conflict resolution

Introduction The international environment is currently facing several conflicts started and stimulated by different parties for various reasons. The conflicts have endangered the lives and distorted economies in such places. For example, currently, countries like Venezuela, Palestine, Indonesia, Syria, Sudan, Iran, and China vs. United States are facing conflicts today. In most of these countries […]