The impact of mediation on international conflict resolution

Introduction The international environment is currently facing several conflicts started and stimulated by different parties for various reasons. The conflicts have endangered the lives and distorted economies in such places. For example, currently, countries like Venezuela, Palestine, Indonesia, Syria, Sudan, Iran, and China vs. United States are facing conflicts today. In most of these countries […]

About the responsibility of the international community towards the Venezuelan conflict

The conflict in Venezuela began escalating on 10th January 2019 when the opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself as the acting president claiming that the incumbent Nicholas Maduro was not duly elected. The national assembly had earlier on invalidated the election of president Maduro during his second inauguration based on the 1999 constitution. However, the […]

Mediation in the post-conflict period in the countries of former Yugoslavia

Perennial peace in the Western Balkans in the countries of the former Yugoslavia is a period when every state seeks to organize internal politics, economy, education, as well as other segments of everyday life. The mutual relations of countries that formed a, Yugoslavia have changed. a state that can be described by words such as […]

Gender Equality – Quo Vadis, Comitatus?

Introduction On March 23, 2019 – the members of the WMO community joined a common conference call under the project name of ‚WMO Round Table‘. The event was chaired by Daniel Erdmann and co-chaired by Marina Khamitsevich. The appointed main-speaker was Rhea Mahanta, who was supported by five co-speakers, namely: Kristina Cukic, Louisa Garbo, Mirella […]

Central African Republic: Continuing disintegration. Need for mediation

The continuing violence, refugee flows, internally-displaced persons and the lack of government  services is a good reminder of the difficulties of creating a functioning State with a top-down approach, especially one that begins by training a national army before there is a State to protect.  There are four levels of action to consider: the local […]

On going conflict in the Central African Republic

As the name implies, the Central African Republic (CAR) is in Central Africa. It is bordered by Cameroon, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Sudan. It has a surface area of 622,984km2 and a total population of 5,507,257. The country is rich in diamond, gold and uranium, but has one of the world’s […]

Women in armed conflicts: Role and consequences

The Ongoing Conflicts in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. Abstract The role of women in armed conflicts is more prominent than imagined. Besides being victims due to their vulnerability, women have played frontline roles in revolutions, independence struggles and wars in many countries. The focus on this write up is the […]