Women in armed conflicts: Role and consequences

The Ongoing Conflicts in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. Abstract The role of women in armed conflicts is more prominent than imagined. Besides being victims due to their vulnerability, women have played frontline roles in revolutions, independence struggles and wars in many countries. The focus on this write up is the […]

Recent growth and developments on online dispute resolution in Southeast Asia

Abstract Notwithstanding the continued importance of “traditional” dispute resolution mechanisms such as litigation and ADR, online dispute resolution (“ODR”) has continued to grow in influence and importance as an enabling tool for lawyers in assisting clients with the resolution of disputes. This development, however, has been patchy at best. Certain regions, such as South-East Asia […]

Faith based mediation for Babri Masjid – Ram Temple dispute in India

Abstract: – This article is examining the decision of the five judge Constitutional bench of the Supreme Court of India to refer the much fought litigation, over 60 years, which is high sensitive, and witnessed several violence and deaths in India, for a “Court Monitored Mediation”, to come out with a mediated solution as to […]

Macro-Trends in the development of commercial mediation in Vietnam

Abstract Vietnam and the EU formally completed the legal review of the EVFTA and Investment Protection Agreement (IPA) in August 2018.[1] The specific regulations on mediation included in the EVFTA demonstrates the special attention given by Europe and Vietnam to dispute resolution through mediation.[2] An entire chapter of the EVFTA is devoted to outlining the […]

Mediation in the United Arab Emirates

Sulh or amicable settlement has a long history within Arab and Islamic societies and have their roots in pre-Islamic Arabia. Party autonomy is the one of the most attractive elements of the mediation process. In case of a litigation/arbitration, the judge/tribunal considers the available evidences and apply the applicable legislation to a dispute, whereas during […]