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Women in Peace & Security: Women of faith in peacebuilding

Abstract Women have a dual experience in their roles as advocates for peace, particularly women of faith. The irony is that while they are more immersed in the community and thus have the power to exert more influence, they are invisible and excluded from most peace processes. The realm of religion, like most other fields, have been traditionally lead by men. In this article, we examine the role of women in religious peacebuilding, as well as the role of women faith leaders in peacebuilding. We will take a closer examination of the role that women play in alternative dispute resolution […]

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Macro-Trends in the Development of Commercial Mediation in Vietnam

Abstract Vietnam and the EU formally completed the legal review of the EVFTA and Investment Protection Agreement (IPA) in August 2018.[1] The specific regulations on mediation included in the EVFTA demonstrates the special attention given by Europe and Vietnam to dispute resolution through mediation.[2] An entire chapter of the EVFTA is devoted to outlining the protocols of the dispute mechanism in the trade agreement.  Vietnam is not one of the signatories to the Singapore Convention. There is concern is that Decree 22 Law of Mediation in Vietnam requires that the parties apply their mediated settlement agreements to Vietnamese Courts. ANNEX […]

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